Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diary May 2010 - mid-Spring

4 weeks early! They are saying that all plants are blooming 4 weeks early after the warmest and driest winter in Canadian history! And boy, does that seem right. My allergies have started already (sniff sniff ) plus it's incredible that my neighbour's lilacs are in bloom. My bleeding hearts are ready to hang their droopy, heart-shaped heads and that usually only happens after Victoria Day weekend. Wow.
So let's have a look at what's out there already!
Magnolia trees on the street that have direct sun exposure have been in bloom for over 2 weeks but mine is a bit shaded so it's always a bit later. It's stunning this year:

My lilacs are in full bud and again the neighbour, whose lilac is in full sun, already has the gorgeous blooms and intoxicating fragrance that are usually reserved for end of May.

I have hyacinths in the front and the back. Another fragrance that is so strong, some prefer it strictly outdoors.

Hah!! Hostas are up already and getting plump and full.

I tried transplanting that little orphan cedar I talked about last time and was doing fine until my (very old) shovel broke!!

The cedar has been moved to the front of some old suffering junipers so hopefully it will grow big and strong and hide them!

The cherry tree next door is exquisite.

Here's something that probably won't be successful but I thought I'd try: I pulled 4 little saplings out and will see if I can get them to be a decent size and try transplanting them into a new section of garden. Too bad it may take years before they are of any significant size at all.
Oh well - that's the fun of gardening!!