Thursday, February 27, 2014

White in the Garden

Fragrant Viburnum 'Burkwoodii'

White is symbolic of innocence, perfection, honesty and lightness. It is associated with the Good and The Beginning.

White brings out the true colour of those beside it.

Lots of white has a cooling, calming effect but the opposite is also true: it can cause a glare in hot, sunny climates.

Silver and silvery blue make it shine.

White brightens shady spots and adds a touch of elegance to areas of the garden.

White narcissus appear in early spring.

Cornus kousa or Chinese Dogwood puts on a dainty white display in the spring.

By mid-summer, the Oakleaf Hydrangea is in bloom

Pom-pom flowers adorn the Cranberry Bush (Viburnum Opulus)

Virburnum 'Mariesii' has a more delicate flower and grows on horizontal branches.

White lilies stand out in the garden with their knock-out colour and fragrance

Fragrant white phlox finish out the season.

What are your favourite WHITE flowers and blooms?

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Pink in the Garden

Sweet Pea

Pink is a very popular colour to use in the garden: some like soft shell pinks, others like bold fuchsias and magentas but almost everyone incorporates some pink into their flower beds.

Pink flowers and blooms are very easy to find. In fact, it's so abundant some may consider it common but most just love it.

Back in the 90's when I did garden design as a hobby business, clients, who had brown/camel brick homes would still cry and whine for me to incorporate pink into the design even their homes would have more complimented by yellow, red and orange shades. The pink would (so) clash but they insisted!

Here are some lovely plants that bloom PINK:

Deep pink Hyacinths will appear in my garden in April.

The magnolia tree flowers bloom with a deeper pink throat and then open to pale pink

A bold spiky fuchsia tulip will appear in May

The crabapple tree in the front yard provides gorgeous cherry pink blossoms and a gorgeous fragrance

What could be more lovely than a hedge of stunningly beautiful pink rhododendrons!

Dark pink peonies surround my deck in June

A deep pink climbing rose

Weigela is such a dark pink, it's almost red

My newly purchased Astilbe chinensis bloomed a deep pink inside with pale pink edging. It looked great near the Sweet William , which is many shades of pink.

Cheddar pinks really add a sharp pop of colour!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And now, a word from our sponsors…..

There will be 6 more weeks of winter.


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