Monday, October 13, 2008

Diary December 2005 - Shades of Green

December 2005
Even though many gardeners want colour from May till October, very few perennials or shrubs actually retain flowers that long. I used to love 3 season colour but lately I’m becoming very fond of the many relaxing shades of green!
Blue, green and purple are known as cool colours. They promote feelings of peacefulness and calm. Evergreens, which have no flowers, come in shades of dark green, light green, golden-yellow green, silver and many hues in between! Besides that, they have varying types of needles: soft, sharp, long, short and even curved and curly.
Here is a photo I took while on a Garden Tour – doesn’t it evoke a sense of peace?
Not only are the plants differing shades of green, but they have varying sizes and textures of leaves. Included are a number of hostas, some silver-edged lamium and some grass-type plants. Stones, rocks, a small tree and lovely aromatic cedar mulch add to the atmosphere. I can imagine myself with a cup of tea after work, de-stressing just by sitting in this gorgeous garden!
It’s interesting that traditional Japanese gardens usually are a green monotone with only a splash of colour. You can understand why they refer to “the music of the colour green”. Japanese gardens often incorporate water, rocks, sand and greenery which, when properly placed, produce an artistic sense of serenity and invite quiet meditation.
I guess all my years of having a southern exposure garden with small, young trees casting no shade have sparked a wish for darker, quieter corners.
I have learned that shades of one colour are just as interesting as a riot of hot colour. In fact, they have a completely different sense of beauty – much more serene and calming.
I will certainly attempt to include these shady spots in my “perfect garden”.

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