Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diary March 2011 - Very Early Spring

Spring has sprung!! Every year even though we think it will never arrive - every year - it does!!
Weather man said it hit a high of 12 degrees but in the sun it felt more like 20. It was GORGEOUS today!!!!
 I got outside as soon as I could after grocery shopping.
Pruners - check.
Rake - check.
Yard waste paper bags - check.
OK - get at it.
I pruned the 'Anthony Waterer' Spirea, the Purple leaf Sandcherry, the Preston lilacs, the burning bushes, the lower branches of the Linden tree and the Crabapple tree. Then in the back I trimmed the shrub roses, the fairy rose, my one and only David Austin rose 'Mary', the weigela, the cranberry bush and the wild roses.
Needed Johnny's help with the climbing hydrangea on the garage wall and he's going to have to dig out another errant self-seeding mulberry tree near the back fence.
So much done but SO MUCH more to do!!! (as always).
Tomorrow they promise rain.
Next bunch of weekends look very busy so maybe we start our "work as soon as we get home and eat dinner at 8 pm" days. You sure can get stuff done that way.
Anyway - I also shot some pictures of emerging flowers - take a look:

Emerging hyacinth.


Snowdrops in among the periwinkle

Pussywillows in the urns

Lovely tiny Iris reticulata

Iris and daylilies coming up under the linden tree

The first red peony bud poking its head out from under last year's dried up remnants.

Sure glad gardening season is about to begin again.
NO MORE SNOWSTORMS ALLOWED (especially since we took the snow tires off today!

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