Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rosedale Garden Tour, Toronto

Today my friend Sheila and I went on the annual "Through the Garden Gate" tour put on by the Toronto Botanical Garden society. This year's homes were in the resplendent Rosedale area. The brochure describes the area: "…We've been to Rosedale four times and these have been our most popular tours. So it's fitting that we're back for this special anniversary year (their 25th). Everyone loves Rosedale's spectacular properties, the serpentine streets, the sense of neighbourhood, the old trees and many ravines, not to mention the downtown location..."
We had a fabulous day! I took waaaay too many pictures so I will trim them down and give you just the highlights.

We couldn't decide if this was an old house or a new house built to look old…?

Yellow rose

Globe allium with yellow roses

Allium bulgaricum (I thought it was a fritillaria!)

This one was worth standing in (10 minute) line for!

Interesting water feature with coloured rocks and crystal clear water

Quiet sitting area with water feature

Lap pool with covered seating

There were so many wonderful Japanese maples in the area

Formal white columns and stone entryway

Container with tree and scaviola

Wonderful white gate flanked by white birch

Everyone was speculating if this was from the top of a church

Gorgeous entryway with pineapple sculpture atop white columns and some globe topiary

Trompe l'oeil

Grand backyard with towering Japanese maple

I'm a sucker for yellow roses!

A beautiful side entrance way...

…with a great focal point at the end of it!

See how effective it is to make groupings of the same plant?

This was the fanciest garden - first a wall of climbing roses

Then the Guest house

then the Exercise House (I'm serious! It was full of gym equipment and machines!!)

Rose garden...

…and fountain. It was a very formal space and looked like a well manicured park.

A MOST fabulous arbour!

Climbing roses

Very appropriate garden ornament

Our last garden featured a wonderful relief fountain.

I LOVE garden tours!!!


Nadezda said...

Oh, so lovely tour! Thanks for sharing, I loved the white gate, the arbor, and, of course, the yellow roses!

Indie said...

I can't even say what I liked the best - the entire tour looks stunning! Beautiful photos and gardens!

Astrid said...

Hi Nadezda
There were so many beautiful gardens! And it was supposed to rain but didn't so we had wonderful weather. Glad you liked the pictures!

Hi Indie
This definitely is one of the best ones. It was the society's 25th Anniversary year so they really picked la creme de la creme for us to see. I'm glad you liked the tour!

Jennifer said...

Hi Astrid, Great tour pictures! I am amazed we didn't cross paths. It was a wonderful tour, wasn't it? Sadly, I only managed about 6 of the 20 gardens. Next year, I will have to plan going on both tour days.

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
Wow! Were you there too? I think it's one of the best garden tours that are run. I realize they are high-end properties with gardeners and landscapers but there's always something to learn and always some new plant to fall in love with. We too only got to about 9 gardens but that was plenty for photos and for our tired feet. Plus we knew there was a steak dinner and wine waiting at home so we hustled back at 4 :)
I plan to go on as many of these tours as I can in future. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Astrid

Donna@GWGT said...

What a beautiful garden tour. I have to say the architecture caught my eye though.

Astrid said...

Hello Donna
Thanks for taking a look at my post! I know - it was hard deciding what to photograph: plants or houses? So I took pictures of both! Glad you enjoyed them. It was a lovely tour.

Alistair said...

Hi Astrid, I can see you love garden tours and no wonder. Fabulous gardens and stunning photography, I particularly like the Allium bulgaricum.

Astrid said...
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Astrid said...

Hi Alistair
It's always so interesting to see how others garden and you always come away with a new plant name or two! This year it was the one you like - Allium bulgaricum (which I mistakenly thought was a fritillaria!). Isn't it lovely? I'm going to see if I can find some here and plant them in.

gardenenvy said...

Wow, I would travel here just for this tour! These are beautiful homes and gardens. I can certainly incorporate the black urns with blue hydrangeas into my garden! Great tour!