Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!!

Early this year, I joined a garden blogger's website called Blotanical. I was immediately welcomed by some very sincere, very talented garden bloggers whose blogs are now an auto-read for me.
One of these wonderful gardeners is Helene Taylor who lives in England. Her garden shines like a small, precious jewel. Helene battles numerous health problems but you would never guess that, judging by her well kept-up garden full of exquisite, beautiful plants. Bookmark her blog - it will soon become one of your favourites too!
It is an honour that Helene nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award! Thank you so much Helene!! I have been trying to improve my blog layout and photos and I guess she feels this has paid off! I now have another wonderful award to add to my credit.

The rules for the One Lovely Blog award are:

a) Thank the nominator and link to his/her site

b) Share 7 things about yourself

c) Nominate up to 10 other bloggers for the award

Here are 7 things you never knew about me:

1. My birthday is on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini, making me a stubborn dual-personality!

2. I just watched the movie Tangled with my granddaughter. I think I enjoyed the jokes and slapstick humour more than she did!!

3. On Pinterest, I have 43 Boards and have pinned (and repinned) a total of 3,513 items. A friend recently commented: "...Clearly you are retired" :)……..The link to my boards is on my Homepage.

4. I successfully baked and assembled a Gateau St. Honore for my Dad's 80th birthday!

5. I shoot pictures for my blog using a previously-owned Nikon D40

6. I hate tuna: fresh, grilled, canned and sushimi

7. I am obsessed with the Game of Thrones. I have watched both seasons on HBO and am now halfway through Book 3 Storm of Swords. I ADORE Arya, Tyrion and Jon Snow. I DETEST Joffrey and Theon (therefore both author and the series have portrayed them well, if they can elicit this type of emotion from me!)

I follow a number of very interesting blogs. Some of the bloggers have already received this award (and deservedly so) therefore:

I nominate the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Jennifer at

Nadezda at

Cristina at

Melissa Clark at

Donald at

Lee at

Kate at

Jean at

Jeff at

So there you have it! 7 random things you never knew about me and a whole list of new, wonderful, LOVELY blogs to start following!!

(My only regret is that Blogger says I have "…exceeded my photo upload quota" and therefore will not be able to post the picture of the One Lovely Blog award on my right nav :(


Nadezda said...

Astrid, thank you very much indeed for nominating me with "One Lovely Blog Awards"!!
Every time I come to your blog I find many beautiful photos and news from your garden.

Astrid said...

Thanks Nadezda! I feel exactly the same way about your blog! Happy gardening!

Landscape Design By Lee said...

Astrid, thank you so much for nominating me for the "One Lovely Blog" Award! I also visit your blog regularly and really enjoy it. Your gardens and stories are wonderful!

Astrid said...

Hi Lee
Thanks for saying so! Your blog truly deserves the award - it's a treat!

HELENE said...

Thank you for your kind words about me and my garden and congratulation again on your award :-)
I was afraid of reaching my quota for pictures too so I now save my photos on the server where I have my website and just link them to my blog. Something for you too? There are lots of free storage to be found, just look via Google. Have a good week!

Alistair said...

Astrid, congratulations on your award, very well deserved. Reached your picture quota, I did not realise there was a quota.

HELENE said...

Alistair, and anyone else who might wonder, the quota is for us who uses Blogger, not sure if there is any restrictions on the other blogs, but because Blogger is advertising free they have put a limit to how many pictures you can have if you store them at Picasa. There is no limit to how many you can link from a different server though. Info from Blogger:

Astrid said...

Hi Alistair
Thanks for the compliment! Maybe by using Helene's advice, I'll be able to add the pretty little awards drawing to the side column.

Hi Helene
Thanks for the advice - I will be trying your method. I really liked being able to post extra photos on the homepage.

Anonymous said...

Astrid, Thank you so much for honoring my blog.

That gateau is gorgeous; it looks mouth-wateringly delicious. (Did you say that one of those was part of the award? :-)) -Jean

Astrid said...

Hi Jean
You are more than welcome! Your blog is a delight. How about I send the recipe instead of the actual gateau??? I think the whipping cream might melt :)

Anonymous said...

Astrid, thank you so much for nominating me - I feel quite honored. I'm not sure when I will have time to "accept" the award - summer has been busier for me at work than expected and I'm about to leave for (1) a garden photography workshop and then (2)vacation! So if I don't have time to pass the torch I hope you will understand - and many thanks, again. Melissa

Astrid said...

Hi Melissa
I really enjoy your blog and look fwd to all your posts. It is One Lovely Blog. Don't feel bad about not complying with the rules of the award (although it would be fun to hear the 7 random things we never knew about you!). Have a wonderful vacation and do, please, let us in on any hints you pick up in the garden photography workshop. We're all striving to show better photos on our blogs. Enjoy your time off.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your award. It is interesting to know a bit more about you and to have a blogging friend that is local. I got the same note from Blogger about exceeding my quota. Personally, I think they just want to make money off what has been up until now a free service. I reluctantly decided to pay the few dollars a month. Thanks for passing the award on to me as well. I am honoured. Have a great weekend, Astrid!

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
You are more than welcome for the nomination, Your blog is one of the loveliest I have seen and your descriptions/information are interesting, current and helpful. Your photos are what I aspire to! It's nice that you are not far away - I'm sure we'll meet some day :)
I will attempt Helene's suggestion about pulling the photos from another spot. I am reluctant to pay the Google-Blogger fee.
It's hot but quite nice today. Enjoy!

Donna@GWGT said...

Pinning does take time. I never even pinned once, but do enjoy seeing what others pin. Congrats on your award.

No, Astrid, not going to the Elmwood district this year. Garden Walk Buffalo is today and Sunday. But, not feeling well, so won't be going Sunday.

Lona said...

A very interesting piece Astrid.I am one of those that always forget about using grasses and textures less often than I should. Have a wonderful week.

Kate @ Gardening and Gardens said...

Hi Astrid - Congrats on your award and thank you for nominating me and my blog! I really appreciate it. Happy gardening and blogging!

city said...

thanks for sharing.