Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Garden Design in a Snowy Landscape

I've talked about how important the many facets of garden design are during the seasons. Never is this more important than in winter, if your part of the world experiences snow and ice.
When perennial beds and lawns are white with snow, it's hardscape structures, conifers, grasses, tree
trunks and shrub branches that provide focal points.

The black bench stands out crisply under recent fallen snow as do the junipers, Viburnum 'Mariesii' and trunk of the Linden tree.

The Euonymus bush does not lose its leaves over winter. It catches the snow nicely. The pussywillow shrubs have lost their leaves, of course, but are strong vertical accents against the white. Elaine is knee deep in the white stuff.

The evergreen yews in the front are thick and heavy, so the snow stays on top of them like a hat.

The gold grasses still rustle against the Mugho pine and the sedum 'Autumn Joy' looks like lollipops.

Here Miscanthus sinensis and the Burning Bush are covered with a feather-light snow.

The strong Pin Oak and the vertical lines of the obelisk provide a focal point at the back of the yard.

Colour on white really stands out - here you see red berries on the Burning Bush.

Evergreens are the best snow catchers!

Even the deck steps provide interest.

So, when planning your garden, remember: many plants die and disappear over the winter but certain ones stay. And if you combine those with some hardscaping, your garden will look good even in a season when you can't be out there, getting your hands dirty  :)


Nadezda said...

Astrid, I see you've got snow as we here! A lot of shoveling now. Take care on these doorsteps!

Astrid said...

Hi Nadezda
Yes - the snow has arrived and with it, lovely scenery but bad driving conditions. Oh well - such is winter!! I am already longing for Spring!

HELENE said...

Astrid, the snow looks lovely on your pictures, very serene...but I don't honestly miss having snow! I have had more than enough snow from living in Norway to last me a lifetime - we often had up to 3 metres of snow, a lot of work to keep up with every winter. But it does look nice and clean :-)

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
You and I are in accord: snow looks pretty but we don't like to be IN it :)
I will live vicariously through you and my Southern USA blogger friends who will already see the first signs of spring very soon.

Patty said...

Hello Astrid, I just found your blog and was surprised and happy to see that you are in Burlington. I just thought I'd say hello and mention that your garden photos from the fall are lovely.

Astrid said...

Hello Patty
Welcome to my blog! Do you live close? In which case, some of the plant advice will be quite relevant.
Thanks for the nice compliments about my photos and posts. It's really fun doing this blog - and I've met so many really nice gardeners. It's fun having new virtual friends!

debsgarden said...

Your winter garden is gorgeous! I love the snow covered bench. We can only dream of such snow. It would shut our city down for a week!

Alistair said...

Astrid, your garden and photographs make snowy scenes look very appealing. Great to look out upon.

Astrid said...

Hi Deb
The weather's been erratic again - this weekend a high of 10 C predicted. All the snow will melt…oh well…I try to photograph it while it's here. I can just imagine what chaos snow would cause in your area!

Hi Alistair
Exactly! Really nice to look at - from behind a window with the fireplace roaring!

Jennifer said...

Hi Astrid, Happy New Year! I haven't had much time for blogging this week, but I have seen a number of lucky bloggers who already have plants and shrubs in flower. I am so jealous. Here in Canada, we bloggers have a long way to go before spring flowers!!
You are right about the importance of winter interest. Let's face it, it's a long season. I was struck by how nice the berries on your burning bush look in the snow. Color like that goes a long way in these cold, snowy months of winter.

Astrid said...

Happy New Year to you too, Jennifer!
Crazy temps tomorrow - +13C????? But then back to colder next week.
Yes - I know how you feel about the bloggers who already are seeing new growth in the garden! Lucky lucky lucky...
Oh well - I read somewhere that it's 69 days till spring. Yahoo!
Take care and enjoy the Chinook tomorrow.