Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seasons in My Garden - a Photo Essay

Hope you enjoyed watching my garden change during the seasons!

Please check my other blog Astrid's Home - just posted a recipe for Curried Lamb Shanks.


debsgarden said...

I loved your seasonal tour! Your garden is lovely in all seasons. The little girl did seem a little sad, though, with her apron full of snow, but I see you have an Easter bunny, too!

Nadezda said...

Astrid, awesome collection of photos! How lovely you make the seasonal tour, I love the corner with a vase, especially with bright aster or chrysanthemum in fall (?).
And grasses are nice in winter, aren't they?
Your photos are wonderful!

Nadezda said...

Happy Easter!

Astrid said...

Hi Deb
Thanks so much! Elaine copes with all kinds of weather and the bunny will be coming out of the garage once we stop having below 0C temps! Happy Easter!

Hi Nadezda
Glad you enjoyed seeing areas of my garden during the different seasons. Those were chrysanthemums in the front. And yes, grasses have a great swishing sound in winter. Happy Easter to you too!

Jennifer said...

It is always interesting to see the progression of a garden throughout the seasons. Just the other day, I was looking back and organizing photos of my garden when I came across a shot of the back garden. I looked at it in amazement. It is really hard to equate the jungle in the image with the bleak, brown scene of the garden at the moment. Have a great Easter Astrid!

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
Sometimes we take our seasons for granted but we shouldn't. Today I finally saw my first snowdrop so the next much-awaited season is finally coming! Happy Easter to you too.

HELENE said...

How lovely to see all the long shots of your garden, in all seasons! Your garden is so nice with the statues and different structures spread around. I love that black urn you have, would very much like to have one like that in my garden :-)

What is that bush with the scarlet red leaves? Looks too big for my garden, just being curious. I guess it is an autumn colour of something that otherwise is green?

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
I think a black urn would look great in your garden! The shrub you are admiring is Euonymus alatus - common name Burning Bush. It does nothing much all spring and summer but then all of a sudden in September - it catches fire! It's sensational, if only for a few weeks a year.

Landscape Design By Lee said...
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Landscape Design By Lee said...

I love your photo story and it really makes you appreciate the garden in all seasons...always changing. The pool is a great addition as well-looking forward to more! Happy Easter!

Astrid said...

Hi Lee
Thanks very much! Yes - the seasons make gardening challenging but fun! Happy Easter to you too.

Alistair said...

Hi Astrid, very beautiful in all seasons. As much as I may complain about Winter, I really do like having the four seasons even on those occasions when we get all four in one day.

Astrid said...

Hi Alistair
Your comment made me laugh out loud! Lately we've had all 4 in one day as well. But good news - 17C promised by April 15th. I just have to be patient…..

Gretta Hewson said...

I love these photos and I love the layout and design of your garden, really pretty, really practical and I imagine, really useful too.

Gretta Hewson