Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is REALLY emerging…at last!!

I just walked the property, with my camera around my neck, and here's what's emerging in my spring garden (hyacinths above):

Bleeding Hearts - Dicentra spectabilis

Crabapple 'Profusion'

Chionodoxa and Scilla

Climbing Hydrangea

Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'


Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)…an Ontario Wildflower

Trillium…another Ontario Wildflower


Pink Lady Quince - Chaenomeles sup. 'Pink Lady

Viburnum Burkwoodii


Peony shoots

Please take a look at my recipe blog - the last posts are Red Peppers stuffed with Saffron Rice and Pine Nuts as well as Broccoli and Potato Soup.


Nadezda said...

Finally and really.
We waited so long for this spring... I love Chionodoxa and have it in a shady corner too, love blooming trees and bushes!

Astrid said...

Hi Nadezda - your words are perfect. I should named this post Finally and Really. Love it!
Thx for taking a look.

Alistair said...

Hi Astrid
I enjoyed the look around your garden everything emerging beautifully. We seem to be at much the same stage, your Brunnera Jack Frost is further advanced than ours.

Astrid said...

Hi Alistair
It seemed as if the Jack Frost just appeared one day, flowers and all. Hopefully yours will also make a sudden overnight appearance.

HELENE said...

How lovely to see spring finally arriving in your garden! We have waited a long time this year, haven't we?!

Can I ask, do you cut down your Chaenomeles to the ground? Or is the one you have pictured a new plant?

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
The Chaenomeles was planted last fall so it's pretty tiny - but full of blooms!! I am going to fertilize the heck out of it this spring. Hopefully it will grow to its full size of 3' x 3' within a year or 2.

Jennifer said...

It is so nice to see things popping up and setting flower isn't it? I have been worried about my 'Jack Frost' which hasn't reappeared, and now that I see yours is blooming, I fear for the worst. I bought a few trilliums and a Mayapple this evening at Loblaw's. I have no experience with either. Any words of wisdom?

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
Too bad about your Jack Frost. Mine is the only survivor from the 4 I bought last year - I see no Candytuft, no Aquilegia "Clementine Rose", and no Martin's Spurge Euphorbia x martin "Ascot Rainbow" :(
I wonder if last summer's drought killed their roots?
Anyway - my Trillium and May Apple have come up consistently over the years.
Their location is in deepest shade, so that's about all I can advise. I do nothing special for them.
BTW - I was asked to be on the Burlington Hort Society Garden Tour June 23rd and said…..yes (gulp!) Better get this place in tip-top shape!!