Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weeds vs. Wildflowers

Here is an interesting definition:

A WEED is any plant growing where it should not be on cultivated land.

A WILDFLOWER is an "uncultivated" plant growing where it is wanted.

Here is a gallery of weeds? wildflowers? in my area.

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sharon said...

love weeds and wildfowers...nice shots

Nadezda said...

The wildflowers bloom nicely and when weeds bloom I get angry and say them: out!

Astrid said...

Hi Sharon
Thank you! Yes - some weeds have gorgeous blooms.

Hi Nadezda
You're right - weeds grow fast and in great numbers. I too say: Get out!

Jennifer said...

I have often wondered about the way we define plants that grow outside the confines of a garden. Is weed an adjective or a noun?
It is a tough place to prosper when you step outside the confines of a cultivated garden. Wildflowers seem to act on the theory that there is safety in numbers and that is when they tend to take on the descriptive "weed".

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
Good points! I think the difference between the two is one of attitude (of the gardener), abundance and location.

HELENE said...

I smiled through all your photos, they are so pretty – not really for my garden I suppose but in the right location. If I had a huge garden with a meadow I would not mind having a field of weeds, sorry wildflowers!

debsgarden said...

I have a lot of wildflowers, and generally they are most welcome, since most of my garden is informal. I also have a lot of thugs, certainly listed among the worlds worse weeds. I can't get rid of the thugs. We have called an uneasy truce, all leary and constantly watchful of the others' actions. It is the best I can do without calling in the air force with its Agent Orange.

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
I wish you had the health and the space for a large garden with wildflowers. You have a VERY green thumb and I bet you could make weeds look lovely.

Hi Deb
Agent Orange, eh? Definitely an idea for both thugs and the stupid hornets I am still doing battle with.

Landscape Design By Lee said...

It is all in the eye of the beholder. A weed to one is a pretty bloom to another. can keep the dandelions...they are nasty when they spread and the taproots are almost impossible to dig up, but on the other hand some "weeds" can be lovely when in a prairie type of garden...more of a natural look. Nice photos of both!

Astrid said...

You're right Lee - beauty is in the eye of the beholder and on some terms, weeds can hold their own.