Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gardens in Sicily

We recently vacationed in Sicily. The scenery was gorgeous and there were a number of unusual plants. Take a look:

Bellisima! Arrivederci!


HELENE said...

Ooooh, lovely! Reminds me of where my parents live, in southern Spain, the light is so different, makes the photos look so much better :-)
Wish I could grow some of those beauties in my garden, but most of them don't like our winters!

sharon said...

how delightful makes me homesick for itialia

debsgarden said...

)h, wow! In my mind I would never have associated cactus with Sicily, or any part of Italy! Your photos are lovely. I have friends who visited parts of Italy, and they rave about it to this day. The gardens are gorgeous!

Patty said...

How wonderful to visit Sicily. The scenery is beautiful and the flowering cactus is amazing.

Nadezda said...

Astrid, beautiful photos! I've been to Mallorca the same time, not far from you! This cactus named opuntia grows there as well. The yellow-orange fruit are edible, they make jam from these fruit.
I'd like to visit Sicilia too, seemed you had great vacation there!

Astrid said...

Hello Helene
Sicily really is in the tropics. We had sunshine and warm temps the whole time.

Hi Sharon
Where did you live in Italy?

Hi Deb
Have you ever been to Italy? We never had and this trip just solidified the fact that we must return again soon. It was so beautiful!

Hi Patty
There were so many lovely parts of the country but some of the private gardens made you feel as if you had stepped into a magazine…..

Hi Nadezda
How interesting that we were so close! Yes, they told us the fruits were edible but also that you had to know exactly how to work with them because the thorns were very painful if they got in your hands.

Jennifer said...

I am sooo jealous! Lucky you to go to Sicily! Your photos are all just wonderful! I bet you had a terrific time.

Astrid said...

Hi Jennifer
Yes - the trip to Sicily was one of our best vacations ever. The history, the food, the warm sea, the food, the gorgeous scenery…did I mention the food? :)
Everyone is very lucky i didn't post all 483 pictures!!