Saturday, May 17, 2014

Early Spring

Bergenia cordifolia

Sunny warm SPRING just doesn't seem to want to come to Ontario. Today, May 17th, it's 7C outside. Last summer on this same long weekend it was 26C.


Grumble grumble sad face.

But Mother Nature always seem to come through anyway. I really can't believe how things are getting green and plumping up despite these unseasonable temps.

Climbing Hydrangea

Ladies Mantle - Alchemilla mollis

Magnolia tree blossoms

Scattered magnolia blossoms

Bleeding Hearts - Dicentra spectabilis

Muscari - Grape Hyacinths

Deep Fuchsia Tulip

Red Darwin Tulips

Dandelion (!) (weed)

Red Twig Dogwood

Serviceberry - Amelanchier canadensis

The garden really is changing for the better, despite the weather. Let's just hope for warmer temps soon!

Please check my food blog - one of the latest posts was for Lasagna and the newest is for Zucchini Bread.


HELENE said...

Oooh, I feel for you, we had 26C today :-)
That said, we had your kind of spring last year! Isn’t amazing how the garden plod on regardless of low temperatures? Lovely photo of the magnolia, which is it? And the Serviceberry was new to me, never heard of it! I hope you get some lovely warm weather soon, wish I could send some to you as we are having plenty this week. Hope you have a great week-end, take care, Helene.

Patty said...

Astrid at least the sun is shining this long weekend. I managed to get some gardening done yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed your previous post on guessing what the plant was popping out of the ground.

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Astrid-your gardens are looking so lovely and I love how the statue is so perfectly placed among the blooms. Enjoy this wonderful spring after a long winter!

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
I think the tree is a Magnolia x soulangeana. The Serviceberry is one of my favourites - white flowers in spring, red berries in summer and terrific autumn foliage.

Hi Patty
The weather is improving! Still so much to do out there…

Thanks Lee! Some years May can be such a cold month and this is just one of those years. Hopefully the eat is coming soon.

HELENE said...

h yes, I know it is a Magnolia x soulangeana, I just wondered which one, there are so many :-)
I have two myself, ‘Heaven Scent’ and ‘Red Lucky’, but I am sure there must be hundreds if not more. I liked the flowers of yours.

Jennifer said...

Happy Victoria Day Astrid! It has been cold this weekend. When we were walking the dogs last night you could see your breath! Brrrr! Thankfully we don't seem to have had a frost, which is a blessing considering I have planted up my hanging baskets. As you say, the garden is greening up though, so at least we are making some progress spring wise.

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
Sorry, my records-keeping is spotty at best. (You are the total opposite - you know all your plants!) I do not know the name of the Magnolia - I guess whatever was the most popular and most common 27 years ago, b/c that's when I planted it.

Hi Jennifer
I KNOW!!! Brrrrrr…. Today the weatherman says high of 18C but he lies. A lot. Oh well - the warm temperatures will arrive eventually. Have you started buying Garden Tour tickets? So far I will be at the NOTL Shaw Garden Tour and Through the Garden Gate in Hogg's Hollow. Can't wait!
Might even try the cross-border Buffalo Tour at the end of July.
Take care

Indie said...

I love your little statue with the plants around it - so sweet! I haven't been up here long, but the locals are saying how late everything is compared to last. I'm glad you are finally seeing some spring despite the chilly weather!

Nadezda said...

Besides of cold spring Astrid your garden is full of blooming: love your dicentra and tulips.Magnolia flowers are such beautiful but don't last long time. My magnolia ia a baby and doesn't bloom.
Have a nice weather in May!