Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diary February 2009 - Garden Sculpture

If you look at landscape design through the centuries, statuary has always been an integral part of gardens. Figures, vases and urns occupy prominent positions in gardens or are surprises in small tucked away corners.
I’m a traditionalist in that I usually have 2 urns full of shade-loving plants on my front porch. Every year I try variations on the begonias/coleus theme. I enjoy designing the urns as well as seeing how well they compliment the front door area.

My next door neighbour also does wonderful things with urns and large vases. As with any container, you must be sure to keep the plants well-watered or they wither in a (hot) day if you’re not careful.

On a Garden Tour through Guelph in 2006 or 7, we saw sculpture used as a decorative element in a large country property. Even their urns were very “artsy”.

At The Dunes in P.E.I, owner Peter Jansons, a sculptor and potter himself, has many wonderful statues and urns in his store/restaurant garden. I couldn’t help photographing many of them while on vacation there a few summers ago.

Lastly, I have 3 statues in my garden and a stone bench. All were chosen with great care and I love looking at them, regardless of the season. Here are a few shots taken during different times of the year:

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