Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - Sept 15th

We've had some good hard rain, the nights are turning cooler but the warm breezy (non-humid) days we've had lately have been the best of the summer!!! Today is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and I still have quite a bit happening in my garden. The spotlight is on repeat-bloomers and annuals.

White phlox are still (barely) hanging on

The ornamental kale plants that I grew from seed are really huge

The shrub rose beside the deck is blooming again: apricot buds turning into….

….white blossoms

The sedum is turning pink and the bees are flocking to them

Weigela is in bloom again

The 'Fairy' rose is loaded with its fall blossoms

Black Eyed Susans are not prepared to wilt just yet

The rain helped the pink snapdragons come back

Feather Reed Grass 'Karl Foerster' waves gently in the wind

The big shrub rose is now full of hips

One or two Rose of Sharon blossoms are tucked in behind branches

Scabiosa that I grew from seed is everywhere

Browallia benefitted from its July haircut and fertilizer

My friend gave me a Gerbera daisy, which has bloomed again since I planted it

And we have lots and lots (and lots!) of home grown tomatoes!!

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is a Meme created by May Dreams Gardens
Gardeners post images of what's blooming in their garden on the 15th day of every month. All are welcome to participate.


debsgarden said...

Wow! You really do still have a lot going on in your garden. Plants like the nice weather as much as we do! I love your rose hips!

Astrid said...

Hi Deb
It's tiny areas not big swatches of colour, but hey! It's September. I'm very pleased that there's this much to look at.

Julie said...

Lovely blooms! Our poor tomato vines died a painful death this summer due to blight--all 80 of them. Fortunately, we enjoyed excellent early harvests, but last week, I actually had to buy tomatoes--so sad! I'm going to try to grow a few in the greenhouse for winter treats. Look forward to visiting your garden again soon! Happy Bloom Day!

Astrid said...

Welcome Julie!!
Glad you stopped by! My passion is flowers but I decided to try growing tomatoes this year. The harvest was very plentiful and they were delicious but I'm not sure I'll do it again. We'll see….
Sorry to hear about the blight. At first I had blossom end rot on a lot of them but that stopped and now they are OK.

Jennifer said...

Hi Astrid,
Belated happy bloom day! The weather has been quite nice hasn't it? The rain has given the garden a bit of a new lease on life. The Fairy is a great little rose. I would love to have a shrub rose that makes such pretty rosehips. You certainly have a nice range of tomatoes to feast on.