Friday, November 8, 2013

Entryways, Gates and Doors

Doors, gates and entryways set the tone for visitors and guests and should exude a warm WELCOME!
The simplest way is to make the entrance to your home and garden neat and tidy. It's not always necessary to have fancy pavers and wrought iron gates, but if you can afford them, they certainly add an elegant touch to the front of a house. Appropriate plantings are the next step. The homeowners above certainly had the right idea!

Formal modern iron gates define the entrance to this lovely home in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Pineapples are a symbol of Welcome, therefore very appropriate at the front gates

As this gate swings open, one notices the paving stones set between lines of aggregate and then the soft leaves of ornamental grasses and ferns lining the path.

A formal front with a balanced number of windows on each side of the door need equally formal balance in the gate, the walkway and plantings. Here the point is further emphasized with twin topiaries on each side of the black door.

The same type of symmetry and balance are at the front door of this lovely home. Mirror image plantings appear on each side of the entry porch.

The next step is the entryway into the back garden. Not all gates need to have closed doors. Here the lattice archway clearly indicates the way.

A pale aqua coloured arch sets a more casual tone, which is continued in the simple table, sun umbrella and chairs.

A vine-covered arch delineates a small circular garden from the back area.

This beautiful garden had pathways all through it, with interesting plants on either side and an occasional pergola to walk under.

A secluded sitting area can be reached through a number of arches, most of which are hidden by soft evergreens.

The entrance to some garden areas are guarded by ferocious beasts (roar!!) :)

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Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Nice post! I love the modern iron gate in the middle photo. It really makes a statement and is so elegant! Hardscape is important in garden planning and you have so beautifully demonstrated this.

Nadezda said...

Great post, Astrid. You told and showed us nice ideas of landscape. I love a small circular garden particularly red leaves maple and greenness around it. The gates are interesting, although I can't have the same because of I don't live in my summer house in winter and have to have a sturdy gate.

Patty said...

That was wonderful inspiration Astrid. A good design can turn boring into beautiful.

debsgarden said...

I enjoyed looking of all the lovely entrances! This post is full of inspirational ideas that continue to swirl around inside my head. My husband wants to replace our asphalt drive with pavers. It would be lovely!

Astrid said...

Hi Lee
The modern gate was so simple and yet so artistic -
it set the tone for whole property. So lovely!

Hi Nadezda
That little circular garden was so adorable, we just wanted to sit there and soak in the cozy atmosphere.

Hi Patty
I took these shots during the Niagara-on-the-Lake garden tour this past summer. Some of the properties were spectacular!

Hi Deb
I love pavers - they are casual yet make a driveway look so "together". I'm sure there are lots of good companies and ideas in your area to choose from.

HELENE said...

Oh, these are all lovely! I would love to have a wrought iron gate to my house, it is on my wish list. At the moment I have a wooden gate that doesn’t shut properly so the postman and anyone delivering junk mail just leaves it open to slam in the wind. I go out to shut it several times every day!
And what about having a bandstand in the garden, that would have been top! (The photo you have called a secluded sitting area) A lottery win would have been nice….

Gardens at Waters East said...

Nice photos, as always. And, I like your comments about design and entry ways. Always enjoy my visits to your blog. Jack

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
Too bad your poor gate bangs around all day! But yes - a lottery win would help us all improve our gardens :)

Hi Jack
Thx for dropping by! Gates and entryways make all the difference, don't they? They are what people see first and tend to influence their perception of what's to come.

Jennifer said...

What lovely gardens and a super post Astrid! There are lots of great ideas here for creating the perfect entrance.

Indie said...

I am a sucker for arbors and fences and gates and the like! And they are so perfect for vines to climb on, which I love. I think installations like these help to create an order in the garden, which is really great when plant chaos is going on... :)

Phan Triều said...

Oh, wonderfull!!!
Thanks for post