Friday, November 29, 2013

Fairytale settings

Some gardens are magical. It seems as if they are right out of a fairytale. Somehow near Christmas, secret wonderful worlds seem to be more real than at any other time of year.

(Ignore the parking signs on this one :)

Re-read some of your favourite fairytales - they'll take you back to your childhood and those magical lands!

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HELENE said...

Lovely photos, I’d like them all please – if I had a park connected to my house! I have been looking for some sort of statue for my garden for a long time, but haven’t rally found anything I like and can afford. It needs to be something fairly thin and tall so it is visible also when my garden is full, not just in the winter. I found a pair of bronze cranes online that looked gorgeous – but they would have cost me an arm and a leg! I am still looking….
Have you got snow yet? I have been outside today planting the last batch of tulips, glorious sunshine and 10 degrees C, no frost yet, tomorrow is first official day of winter here.
Have a great day!

Nadezda said...

Nice figures, Astrid. But I love most your garden statue of girl feeding birds! The photo of long path and a bench across it is interesting, Pity I have no space in my garden for so long path, but I have similar bench:))
Happy Sunday!

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Happy Sunday Astrid. Very nice photo scenes. My favorite is the little garden fairy reading a whimsical!

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
Thanks! I can imagine how beautifully you could design a park. You have very lovely, carefully chosen plants for your own backyard. Good luck with some statues.
Yes - we have snow and it's hovering around zero. Very typical Nov/Dec weather.
I envy you still being able to plant tulips.

Hi Nadezda
Yes, Oh, I do love Elaine but I can't post her photo all the time! (can I?? :) Lucky you to have a bench like that.

Hi Lee
Thank you! The little fairy was in a beautiful conservatory that I saw on a local garden tour years ago. Some gardeners know how to set a scene.

debsgarden said...

That first garden scene is magical! I still remember the first garden I ever loved. I was three, and the garden belonged to my next door neighbor. It was right out of a fairy tale.

Jennifer said...

Christmas is certainly a time of fantasy and storytelling, but it is nice to harken back to summer scenes to see the magic expressed. I love the moss covered figure and the bright red poppies.

Astrid said...

Hi Deb
Isn't it amazing what we remember? How lovely that your neighbour's garden was memorable even at the tender age of 3!

Hi Jennifer
Today was a high of 12 but it was already dropping by late afternoon. I love the magical time of Christmas but could really do without winter. It's coming though….