Sunday, June 29, 2014

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'

Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' is one of my favourite perennials ever. I have a small area of them now - I used to have lots and lots in quite a few spots around the garden.

'Husker Red' is a clump-forming plant that grows 2-3' high. In the spring, all that's visible at first are its dark burgundy leaves.

White flowers with a faint pink blush appear on long, erect stalks in late spring to early summer.  They make fabulous cut flowers for vases. People need to touch them to believe they are real - they look like silk.

The tubular flowers attract butterflies and birds.

'Husker Red' grows in average soil, dry to medium moisture soil. It must be in full sun.

Penstemon 'Husker Red' has no serious pest or disease problems. It looks wonderful when massed.

No wonder it won Perennial Plant of the Year in 1996.

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Jennifer said...

Happy Canada Day Astrid! I have Penstemon'Dark Towers', but don't have any 'Huskers Red'. I must remember to buy a few plants next time I visit Humber (I have some guarantees to act on and some money to spend as a result). I like the foliage color and the white flowers. Have a wonderful holiday!!

Nadezda said...

I had sown Penstemon this spring but only few seeds have sprouted and I'm not sure I'll have these nice flowers next summer. I'd love to!
Happy Canada day Astrid, hope you have nice holiday!

debsgarden said...

I also love Huskers Red, and I have a nice stand of them. The flowers are lovely, but I especially love the purple foliage, which contributes to the beauty of the garden long after the blooms are gone. i do cut the dead flowers off, so that the foliage can shine.

Indie said...

I like that one. I had a couple 'Husker's Red' back in North Carolina, and they were pretty and pretty hardy. Now I have Penstemon 'Mystica' which is similar, though the leaves are more purple than red. So far I've really liked that one, too. Penstemon are so pretty!

HELENE said...

What a lovely red stem on those 'Huskers Red'penstemons!
I have 3 different penstemons in my garden and I love them all, would like to have many more but they grow to quite substantial bushes after a few years so I think this is it.

Jenny Hayes said...

I just wanted to say you that your blog is highly energetic, I love that! Thanks