Thursday, June 19, 2014


As you may be aware, I run 2 blogs: this one and a food blog where I post tried-and-true recipes.
This year, instead of planting tomatoes in the back raised beds, I decided to plant my herbs (I usually plant them in pots on the deck.) I realize that it will take more time to trek to the back 40 to get a handful of dill or parsley when I need it, but oh well. Always a pleasant walk.

It hit me this morning that it might be interesting to overlap the blogs because not all readers of one are readers of the other. I grow herbs for the sole purpose of cooking with them so here comes a post that mentions a specific herb and then a recipe to go with it!












Hope you enjoyed this combo-blog post! Happy gardening and happy eating!!


HELENE said...

Yum, yum, it all looks so delicious! Although every recipe would have to be adapted to my Low FODMAP diet, excluding gluten, lactose and high-fermentable fruit and vegetables (basically all the fruit and vegetables that are good!) Well, there are lots of fruit and vegetables left that I can eat, don’t get me wrong, I had a salad for dinner today with 9 different vegetables :-) But I miss eating onions and beans and mushrooms and broccoli and…Anyway, thanks for reminding us of all the great herbs to grow, I use a lot of thyme, in my garden it grows all year round and I am never without it. I also grow chives, basil and coriander. Never tried tarragon, only used the dried, so perhaps that will be the next one.
Have a great day!

Nadezda said...

Astrid, looking at your so tasty recipes I realized that I have to have breakfast!
I grow some of your herbs as well but they do not grow well, only dill is OK. Their growth depends on weather and it is cold now with often rain. Your basil is very health and mine is very small and has 2-3 leaves only.
happy weekend!

Jennifer said...

Great combo post Astrid. My herbs are a bit of a hike too. I can see the benefit of having pots on a deck as you have done in previous years. If the rabbits stop eating my parsley I would love the make tabouleh this summer! I am the only one in the house who likes feta, but I would like to give the Greek Feta Salad a go too. Have a wonderful weekend!

Astrid said...

Hi Helene
Hopefully some of the recipes could be adapted to suit your diet. Tarragon has a liqorice -type flavour - it's great in certain recipes.

Hi Nadezda
Northern European and Russian foods use a lot of dill so you certainly have the most important herb for your recipes. I grew up with dill so I really love it.

Hi Jennifer
I've heard that when the rabbits chew an herb to its roots, it grows back twice as full and strong! You may get your tabbouleh yet. Re: the Greek salad - make the whole things and add feta to yours only.

Indie said...

Nice post! I don't really know how to cook much with fresh herbs, but I'm trying to change that. We planted an herb garden this year in containers on the deck, so I'm excited about trying to cook with them. It will be interesting, as me and my husband have very different likes and dislikes when it comes to herbs!

Astrid said...

Hi Indie
Try some of the less spicy or ethnic recipes - hopefully you'll hit upon a meal (and an herb) that you both like :)

debsgarden said...

Your recipes look fantastic! The one that really made my mouth water was the halibut with balsamic cherry tomatoes and basil. Since I have both cherry tomatoes and basil waiting to be picked, this may soon be on our menu. The warm fennel salad also looked intriguing. You must be a great cook!

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Astrid-this post is making me hungry! You have so many wonderful herbs and your recipes sound amazing. My husband is actually the cook in the family but I grow the herb garden for him and he enjoys using a lot of basil, parsley, chives and mint in his recipes. Have a good weekend!

Astrid said...

Hi Deb
That halibut recipe is one of our favourites. It goes especially well with the balsamic cherry tomatoes. And yes - cooking and baking are my passions!

Hi Lee
Have your Chef Hubby try these recipes. They are tried and true and could become family favourites.